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Hello! Welcome to our 2013 - 11,000 Mile Alaska Adventure!

The Loop: Arizona, Nevada, Utah, Idaho, Montana (Glacier National Park), British Columbia (Banff, Jasper), Yukon Territories (Alaska Highway) Alaska - Tok, Fairbanks, Arctic Circle, Coldfoot, Prudhoe Bay (Dalton Haul Road), Arctic Ocean, back south to Denali, Anchorage, Whittier... fly home for 30 days...then fly back to Anchorage to continue on to Seward, Homer, Valdez, Yukon Territories (Cassier Highway), Hyder AK, Lillooet (Sea to Skyway Highway), Vancouver (Ferries), Washington, Oregon Coast, California, HOME!


Total miles driven = 10,470 (let's call it 11,000)
Number of days on the road = 39
Average miles driven per day = 268
Longest driving day = 18 hours (479 miles Fairbanks to Prudhoe Bay on the Dalton Highway)
Most miles driven in one day = 620
Stops for gas = 78 (let's call it too many...... we rarely let the tank go below half full....)
Average miles per gallon = no comment
Steepest road grade driven = 15%
Roughest most miserable roadway = Alaska Highway, Canada side of the border area
Holes in the windshield = 5
Rainy days = 1
Job offers = 1
Breakdowns, flat tires, major problems = Zero!!!!

In the first 21 days, we traveled over 5700 miles, including 1422 miles of the Alaska Highway, and over 900 on the Dalton Highway haul road. We made our goal of dipping our toes in the Arctic Ocean!

On June 14, we celebrated our 38th wedding anniversary along the trail!

We made it back to Anchorage and put our little rig in storage so that we could go home for a month. On July 26th, we flew back, retrieved the rig, and set off on the second leg of our trip.

We spent another week to see the Kenai Peninsula and then worked our way back across Alaska, down the Cassiar Highway and Oregon coast. It took about three weeks total for the second leg of our trip. We estimated around 11,000 miles on the road for the summer, and came in at 10,470. Our year and a half planning paid off, as we had virtually no problems! We are still marveling and patting ourselves on the back. My 7 year old Jeep was in pristine condition, now she has a few battle scars and a destroyed windshield. We are now calling our little 13 foot aluminum travel trailer "Mad Max". What a trooper! It was the perfect rig for the trip. All of David's fabrications and changes worked great! :)

As a bonus, on the way home we stopped in Seattle to see cousin Jenifer Hill and her husband David. It was nice to see her son Aron also. When the heck did he grow up!? We also made a stop in Grants Pass, Oregon to see niece Felishia and her husband Tim.

We met alot of great people along the way. We were often asked if we would change anything about the trip. The answer: Take more time! And, bring the dog(s)! Next time we will take the entire summer to see what we missed, and maybe even get in some fishing!

Thanks to our kids and grand kids for checking on the house and entertaining the dog. We missed you so much it hurt! We plan on boring the entire family to death with the slide shows. Mom and Dad genuinely enjoy our pictures and looked forward to the each upload.

Thanks to our neighbor, Tricia who made this trip possible. She daily tended to our dog, cats, chickens, garden, and insured that we had no worries. Thank you! And also, thanks to Cindy and Keith for tending to the irrigation.

Final note: We are planning the next adventure. David is already fabricating something........

Again, sorry for the volume of images! My intention was to blog about our trip with a daily photo and a brief description of the day, but that proved to be impossible as we had terrible wi-fi connectivity, and my computer wasn't cooperating. Sooooo..... what you all get is EVERY picture along the trip, and I'm estimating I took over 4000 pictures.....


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Bev Coffman(non-registered)
All I can say is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!! I am so happy you guys are having a blast.
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