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First, I have to say, the "Padonkadunk" performed flawlessly! I started seriously patting David on the back for a job well done as we were driving up into the Big Horn Mountains in Wyoming on 10 to 13 degree grades. (Thanks to 14 months of rebuilding and modifying to get that extra horsepower!) The motor home was amazing. Never over heated, never lost power, and was so comfortable and livable inside. We could get used to this type of travel! (Thanks Uncle George and Aunt Geneva for picking a rig with good bones and such a livable floor-plan ! We just had to make it our own.)

Overall, the trip was great. A true testament to the good friendship we share with Donna and Bruce. We can spend three weeks traveling together without a hitch. Although, we all really missed our dogs!

As usual, I (we) take way too many photos. I was going to just post of few, but the trip was way to beautiful to leave anything out. So, at the risk of being so long, it's boring, enjoy the slideshow. Hopefully you will feel like you were there! I will be adding a few more shots from Donna's perspective soon.

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2011 Trip  -  starting with a long drive to South Dakota........and then on to the Big Horn Mountains of Wyoming........ and then Duck Creek Village, Utah and home to AZ