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Working roadtrip, October 2015.

After a quick stop at the shanty to check out the remodel progress, it was on to Moab for a little 3 day vacation before the tour of the Sunstate Colorado yards.

We are again questioning why we have never gone off-roading in Moab. Wow! It is beautiful. We took the drive up into the mountains where you get a great view of the trails below in Canyonlands National Park. We're not sure whether to bring side by sides or jeeps, but we will be back!

The drive from Moab to Grand Junction was quick. This is a "training" trip for our new dog Gabby. She handled the dog park and the rain in "Fruita" quite nicely. Of course she is already spoiled. A little big to be a lap dog......

Grand Junction to Fort Collins took us through our favorite Glenwood Springs canyon run. No stopping to ride bikes this trip, but this is our favorite bike ride. It was very strange to see the river bottom as the river is so low. But the timing was right to see the leaves changing. Aspen was the best show.

We had the weekend to explore Fort Collins and took a drive up the Cache Poudre "Pooter" Canyon. Who knew there were so many Moose in Colorado?! This time I behaved and got my pictures from the truck. I think one of them was snarling at me. They can move pretty fast.

Sunday ...... grocery shopping and maybe a little time in downtown Fort Collins. The inspiration for the Disneyland Main street, Hmmmmm

On to Denver......