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14 jeeps joined in on the JEO annual trip to the Devil's Highway "Cabeza Prieta" . We started in Ajo, and had a great ride across the Southern Arizona desert including a loop through the Organ Pipe National Monument. The desert flowers were starting to bloom. We were probably a couple of weeks early for the full bloom but it's amazing how much color there is in the desert.

The Border Patrol activity was pretty light this trip. We made our way to a small section of the "Wall" and found that the structure built in the canyon had done it's job in stopping the flow of illegal vehicles through the wash. It made for a nice photo op for our jeep lineup!

Some of the group dropped off in Fortuna Hills after visiting the mine. 9 Jeeps were able to continue on for the California portion of the trip.

Traveling the west banks of the Colorado was new and interesting. We visited the Picacho Wilderness area, made a stop in some geo fields, and continued on to the Bradshaw Trail. Our trip ended at the Chiriaco Summit and the General Patton Museum. Good to know there is a FREE dry camp area behind the museum. We made good use of it for our last night camping.

Camping was COLD, but the rain worked it's away around us the entire trip!