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Sorry for the delay! We're FINALLY moved and have wifi so I'm able to upload the hundreds of images from the JEO Utah Red Rock Adventure. And what an adventure it was!! We were sorry to hear that Mike Fissel wouldn't be available to lead this trip, but I have to say Roger stepped in and did an amazing job! THANK YOU ROGER for an a wonderful adventure.

You just can't beat Utah for so may state and national parks in close proximity. The "Red Rocks" were in great abundance. Since this route had not been run or even pre-run by anyone the club, we set out with tentative tracks and a general plan. Obviously the timing and weather were perfect for our starting point in Moab. Just a week after the Easter madness, the town was still crowded with several clubs and groups. Moab and Arches were a fun start, but pretty crowded overall. We did get a quick start with our most ambitious tracks of the entire trip right out of the back side of Arches NP. We gave it a good run, but finally had to turn back when a final climb seemed to be a little too risky. We weren't there to rock climb and tear up equipment so all agreed to quit while we were ahead.

The rest of the trip was almost embarrassingly not "off roading", but WOW, so worth every mile even on pavement. Out of Moab, the weather took a turn for the worse. As Roger has said in his posts, we were forced to stay on the main road and forgo most of the side tracks. No worries, the scenery was jaw dropping gorgeous! What an adventure.
We were lucky to find cheap motels as necessary, and the nights we camped weren't too cold or wet. Note that our flip up "soccer mom" shelter was a hit. It's a goofy little contraption, but nobody complained when we crammed 5 lawn chairs in in to get out of the weather!
We had a great time with our wonderful friends and look forward to running this trip again. Maybe next year??!!? A few tweaks and this run is definitely worth doing over and over. The consensus was to start a little later in the season to avoid the snow and cold, and probably exclude Moab which of course is a trip in itself.
But, it's worth noting that the weather and changes in plans resulted in some very nice impromptu visits that definitely will be incorporated into future Red Rock Adventure runs.

Thanks again to Roger for adapting to the unforeseen changes. And kudos to our little group for being good sports with the weather and cheerfully accepting any new alternative. (We sure wish we could have taken that ferry on Lake Powell!)

Enjoy our pictures, and thanks again to all for a wonderful time!

Alison, David and Ruby too!