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October 2020

Another amazing JEO adventure!

We ran the West side of the Arizona Peace Trail! The entire loop is 675+ miles, but we only did around half of that.

Arizona is always beautiful, but we were dealing with HOT HOT HOT weather for October, and were only able to camp out one night. Lodging was readily available, but COVID-19 ruins that experience, and we would have much rather been camping under the stars.

We took a serious beating on the trails. Unfortunately, the high use of the trails by high powered side-by-side UTV’s has about ruined the experience for Jeeps. We didn’t see many UTV’s on the trail, but it’s evident that these machines are causing severe high speed/horsepower trail erosion.

The rock crawling adventures in the canyon south of Quartzsite were much more than we expected. That section of trail is named “the good, the bad, and the ugly”. The “good” was the scenery, but we weren’t able to enjoy that while rocking and bouncing violently through the wash. Whew! Been there, done that, and not going back!!

We all agreed that we wouldn’t attempt these same trails again in Jeeps, but we will be researching another trip on to run the East side of the APT and perhaps pick up some of the trails up into the Hualapai Mountains that we didn’t get to.

Thanks to all of our JEO friends for another great time in spite of our bumps and bruises. And again thanks to Mike “SteelPonyCowboy” for taking the lead!

For more info on the AZ Peace Trail check out the website: