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Yes, that is a Condor at the Marble Canyon cliffs!! Lucky shot!

As always, I take too many photos. This was yet another amazing trip with the group.

Check out the group of MINI MOVIES at the start of the gallery. We ran in to some tough spots that required some rock stacking.

We ran into the convoy of old military jeeps and more on I40 near Flagstaff on the way to Kanab.

This was a 750 Mile off road trip from the Northern to Southern Arizona borders:

* Met and spent the night in Kanab Utah

* Two day permit to explore the Navajo Nation. Camped on the edge of the Little Colorado River canyon.

* On to Cameron, Lees Ferry, and the South Rim of the Grand Canyon.

* Camped at Sunset Crater near Flagstaff

* "Glamping" at the Tin Shanty

* Camped on the 203 forest road in Cherry Creek

* Had a room for the night at the old El Rey motel in Globe

* Camped at the KOA in Benson

Great people, great trip!