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Another amazing expedition to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon!

When planning this trip, we weren't sure what kind of damage had been done by the recent forest fires. We didn't even attempt Sublime Point due to reports of burn and trees down. No worries, we had plenty of "points" to visit!

We left the Happy Jack cabins Friday morning. Our first stop was Lake Powell. Wow! That sucker is shrinking fast. We were still able to drive down to the waters edge on Lone Rock Access Road. We were actually driving out in the dry section of the lake bed.

We were then on to Kanab to spend the first night. Luckily we had a great Mexican restaurant across the street that was dog friendly. This was Lotti's first jeep camping trip, but our people are all used to traveling with dogs and pitched in to help her learn the ropes.

Our first adventures were on the West side of the Grand Canyon. Our main destination was Toroweap overlook. There is a small campgrouond called Tuweep right at the edge, but we couldn't count on spaces available so we boon-docked in the woods. We checked out the historic Mt. Trumble Schoolhouse built in 1918. It's been lovingly restored and holds fond memories for those who were educated there. It was surrounded by historic homesteads. Some are still working ranches. It gives you a glimpse into what pioneer life was like in the area.

We've always wanted to stand on the edge at Toroweap. It is at the narrowest part of the Grand Canyon, and one of the few places where you can stand out on the edge of a sheer drop to the Colorado River below. (Bruce! Don't drop rocks over the edge!) The last 2 miles into the area were really rough but it was worth it.

There is much more to see on the West end of the North Canyon, but we had reservations for 6 (or was it 5??) nights at Demotte Campground south of Jacob Lake. We built our base camp and spent the rest of the week exploring the beautiful forests and points of the North Rim.

We made a run up to the White Pocket. The world famous "Wave" area is close by but requires a permit which is only available by lottery. White Pocket is a little known smaller version of The Wave, but still a beautiful experience.

On the way home, we made a stop at Lee's Ferry in Marble Canyon. Ferryboats crossed here from 1872 to 1928. This is still a prominent entry/extraction point for rafters on the Colorado. Lotti got her first river experience! Why haven't we been on a Colorado River raft trip yet? Hmmmmmm......

The dog did great! Our friends are amazing!! And we had perfect weather!!

Let's do it again someday….. soon!!